Packlist for week tours

We will provide you with a warm sleepingbag, warm jacket and trousers, snow boots, a balaclava, a warm hat and mittens; You can bring any of these items of your own as well, but talk to the guide about if they are warm enough.

You will need to bring:
two sets of long underwear (wool or synthetic, but not cotton)
two pairs of thin socks
two pairs of thick socks
change of underwear
2 warm sweaters (fleece or wool, or a “softie jacket”)
thin hat (“beanie hat”)
finger gloves for working with the dogs
a second pair of finger gloves for eating lunch etc.
toothbrush, toothpaste, contact kit, some ibuprofen tablets
small towel (eg fast drying sports towel)
hand sanitizer or hygienic wipes
sleeping bag liner
sunglasses and sunscreen (from february)
ski goggles
crocs or hut slippers
head torch
snacks to personal taste (eg chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruits, energy bars)
book, MP3, deck of cards…