Happy dogs policy

We take great pride in our animal welfare policy! Happy dogs means happy owners, happy guests and happy guides. Other than that, we don’t think there is anything better in the world than to see our dogs happy!

We are a local company based in Arctic Sweden. That means that our dogs live in our kennel year round, and not just for the season.

We have a permit to keep 35 dogs in this kennel. The kennel is regularly checked by the local government and is fulfilling all the latest requirements.

The dogs are living two and two in every pen. Every pen has access to two dog cabins, one for each dog – although some of them prefer to sleep together with a friend! The dogs are not tethered in the kennel. In the centre of all the pens, we have a big play yard where the dogs can run free every day.

The dogs have individual training schedules, so that we know how much they have been running. We mostly do weeklong tours, so the same musher is driving the same team for a whole week. This is important to avoid stress with the dogs. The dogs will run an average of about 30 km a day. After each week trip, the dogs get to rest for a full 2 days. The youngest dogs and the oldest dogs will only go out every second week, and are run recreationally in between (not commercially, just for fun).

During the week tours, the dogs sleep on a stakeout line. We provide them with fresh hay, so they can sleep off the cold ground. Most of them will also get a dog jacket to protect them from the cold. We appreciate our guests helping with these chores! We believe that you can only run the dogs if you also take care of them.

In winter we feed the dogs three times per day. We water them in the morning with meat soup, they will get a snack after running, and in the end of the day, they get a dinner consisting of high energy pellets and meat soup. In summer, we feed the dogs once a day, and they have unlimited access to water.

We vaccinate our dogs on a yearly base. If a dog gets sick or injured, we consult a veterinarian or visit the local animal hospital.

We run our dogs for as long as they are physically able to do so. When they get too old for the week trips, we retire our dogs, and they get to live on the big yard in the centre of all the kennels. They might occasionally come along on a training run with the young dogs, but they don’t have to run if they are too old, other than that they can exercise on the big play yard. They also play an important role in balancing out the pack, which needs both young and old dogs. Sometimes we take an older dog to live inside the house, but not all of them like that! When they get seriously ill (eg cancer) or injured, and medical care will no longer help, we will take our responsibility as a dog owner and ask the veterinarian to put the dog to sleep.