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Private Winter Holiday With Huskies

Enjoy a week of winter holiday at Frosty Trails! We have the perfect place for you to enjoy a week of winter, snow and northern lights right here on the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

  • Price: 24.950 sek pp Minimum 2 guests, maximum 4 guests.
  • Date: February and March
  • Availability: Check availability here

In short

This private winter holiday with huskies is great for couples, families, or with friends – you will have your own isolated winter holiday, away from the crowds!

Stay in your own cosy log cabin! There is only one guest house at our kennel, and it will be yours for this week! Truly a private winter holiday!

3 days of dogsledding with a guide, including an overnight tour to a wilderness cabin.

1 day nature safari by snowmobile. You will go out with a nature guide to watch reindeer and moose!

On the last day, you will visit Jokkmokk and the beautiful Sami and Mountain Museum. Alternatively, you could go out on snowshoes!

Good chances to see the northern lights!

More information about this holiday

Your cabin is located on the edge of the forest, close to a frozen lake and right next to our husky farm. You will be the only guests staying here, and there are no other cabins – truly a private winter holiday!

On arrival day we will cook dinner for you! We will also cook a meal together on our overnight tour with the huskies. On 3 nights, we will give you the ingredients and recipe to cook your own dinner in the kitchen of your cabin. This is all typical local food, and the recipes are fool proof. We do have some tasty vegetarian options as well! On the last night we will eat dinner together on the kåta, a traditional fire hut.

We will provide you with breakfast in the cabin. During the dog sledding tours and the nature safari on snowmobile, we will make a lunch over a fire. During your visit to Jokkmokk, you will eat lunch in a restaurant.

You will drive your own (shared) sled on 3 days. During the first day tour, there might be 2 other guests joining for that day. The two-day overnight tour is private, but you will be together with the guide. You will sleep in a cosy wilderness cabin that night.

The three days of dogsledding and the nature safari on a snowmobile are guided, the visit to Jokkmokk is by yourself. No worries, we will provide you with a map and a list of nice shops!

If you prefer, you can go snowshoeing through the forest instead of visiting Jokkmokk. The snowshoeing is over a prepared and marked trail starting right from your doorstep. We will provide you with snowshoes.

The wood stove heated sauna is right next to your cabin, and you will have it all to yourself on 3 nights! We will provide you with exclusive Care of Gerd shampoo and soap, locally made with natural ingredients and 100% plastic free.

Day to day

Sunday: Arrival around lunch time; we will welcome you around the fire with a hot drink! You can use this day to acclimatize. A popular activity is to take a short hike to the lake right behind your cabin. In the evening we will eat dinner with you around the fire in our traditional “kåta” log hut.

Monday: Today you will meet our huskies! We will go out for an introduction tour with the dog sleds. We might be joined by maximum 2 other guests on this day tour. In the evening you will prepare your own dinner and then enjoy a nice wood stove heated sauna!

Tuesday: Today you will go out on a private nature safari on the snowmobile! A nature guide will be guiding you for the day and he will try to find reindeer and moose. You will enjoy lunch around a fire somewhere in the forest! In the evening you will prepare your own dinner. Possibility for sauna.

Wednesday:  We will head out for a private two-day sled dog tour. This is a private tour with no other guests. We will eat lunch around a fire and sleep in a wilderness cabin. You will take part in taking care of the dogs. We will get our water from the frozen lake. Hopefully we will see some northern lights from this beautiful place in the forest!

Thursday: After breakfast we will continue our husky tour. After coming back from the tour, you will enjoy a nice sauna and then cook your own dinner.

Friday: Today you will visit Jokkmokk, the cultural heart of Swedish Lapland! You will take the bus to Jokkmokks and visit AJTTE, the Sami and Mountain Museum; And there are some really nice shops in Jokkmokk as well. Lunch in the restaurant. If you prefer, there is also an opportunity to go out on snowshoes, instead of visiting Jokkmokk! If you plan to take the night train back, you will leave in the evening, after another nice dinner around the fire in our traditional kata (log hut) ! If you leave by bus to Luleå, you will sleep one more night in your log cabin.

Saturday: The bus to Luleå departs after breakfast at 08:20 hrs. The bus tour to Luleå is in a comfortable couch with a good view on the forest around you. Good opportunities to see both moose and reindeer! You will arrive at the bus station at 10:50 hrs, from there you can take the connecting bus to the airport (10 minutes).

Availability and price

Available in February and March. Check availability in our calendar!

Price: 23.950 sek pp Minimum 2 guests, maximum 4 guests. Minimum age: 14 years.

This includes :

  • Stay in your own private log cabin
  • Three days of dogsledding including one overnight in wilderness cabin
  • Nature safari on shared snowmobile; icefishing is possible.
  • Visit to Jokkmokk and the Sami and Mountain Museum; lunch in a restaurant
  • Your own wood stove heated sauna with plenty of snow to roll in
  • Good chances for seeing northern lights!
  • Dinner prepared over the fire in our traditional log hut on the last night
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) part of which you will prepare yourself in the cabin
  • Bedlinen and towels
  • Complementary use of Care of Gerd soap and shampoo products
  • Warm clothing and shoes for dogsledding and for on the snowmobile; do bring your own clothes and hiking shoes if you want to go snowshoeing.

About the cabin:  Your log cabin has a basic, but comfortable standard. It is heated by a heat pump, which keeps the cabin at a constant comfortable temperature. There is electricity and we have 4G signal for internet, but the water comes from a water canister with a tap. There is no shower, but there is a washing room inside the cabin, and you can also use the sauna for washing on three nights. The toilet is outside but has a nice Styrofoam seat so you can sit comfortably warm even on cold days! There are two sleeping rooms, a 4-person room with 2 bunk beds and a 2- person room with 2 single beds.

Other important information

You will find information on getting here on this page.

On arrival day, you are welcome around lunch time. We offer transfers from the train station in Murjek for the (night)train arriving around noon. Please mind that we do not offer any transfers for the train that arrives early in the morning!

Checking out on the last day is after breakfast, but latest 09:00 am. If you are planning on taking the night train to Stockholm, you will leave on Friday night with the 21:00 hrs train, and we will take care of your transfer to the railway station in Murjek. If you leave by bus to Luleå (where the airport is) the bus leaves on Saturday morning at 08:20 hrs.

During your stay at our husky farm, we might have one or two day tours with other guests starting up on some days. However, this will not interfere with your holiday at all – come watch while we start up with our dog teams!

We will provide you with warm clothes for dogsledding. For snowshoeing, you will bring your own clothes and hiking shoes. Appropriate clothing could be skiing pants and jacket, long underwear, a double layer of socks, a hat and gloves/mittens. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

We would like to create a 100% smoke free and perfume free environment for our guests. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to welcome smokers on this holiday – even if you smoke outside, you will take the smell of the smoke inside the cabin; which will make it impossible for people with eg. asthma or allergies to use the cabin afterwards. We therefor kindly ask smokers to book elsewhere. We also want to ask you kindly, not to use any strongly perfumed products like deodorant spray or perfume in the cabin. We thank you for your understanding!

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Swedish Lapland?

Drop us a message to make a booking or if you want to know more! We’ll be happy to answers your questions. Welcome to Kåskats in Swedish Lapland!