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For our day tours, Two-day-tours and Winter Holiday Weeks

What to pack?

This is our advice!

For the day tours, bring whatever winter clothes you already have. Preferably long underwear, double socks, and skiing pants and jacket. We will supply you with some additional clothes if necessary.

For the two-day tours, we will provide you with a warm sleeping bag, warm jacket and trousers, snow boots, a balaclava, and a warm hat and mittens. You will need to bring a set of long underwear, some warm sweaters, a double layer of socks as well as an extra pair of dry socks, a head torch, toothbrush / contact lens kit, a sleeping bag liner, and hut slippers.

For the Winter Holiday Week, please bring your own winter clothes, consisting of long underwear, a couple of warm sweaters, a double layer of socks, skiing pants and jacket, hiking boots, warm gloves/mittens and a hat. For the dogsledding activity, we can supply you with some additional clothes if necessary. We provide sheets for the beds as well as towels for the sauna. We also provide soap and shampoo of the exclusive brand of Care of Gerd, which is completely plastic free and made by a local company. A head light is very handy to have, as the toilet is outside, and it does get dark around here! Hut slippers are nice to have. Sunglasses and sunscreen are useful from February on.