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Getting here

All tours start and end in our basecamp in KÅSKATS.

Travelling to Kåskats:

If you come from abroad, you can take a flight to Arlanda Airport/ Stockholm and then take the comfortable night train directly from the airport to MURJEK, where we can pick you up. It’s a relaxed and comfortable way of getting here as well as it’s better for the environment – still it will take you a little longer then flying the whole way. Check the webpage of the Swedish Railways here. Mind that we can only pick you up from the train that arrives late morning, and not the early morning train!

Alternatively you can book a connecting flight from Stockholm / Arlanda to Kallax Airport in Luleå.

From Luleå you can take bus line 44 from the bus station in the city centre to our place in Kåskats (price 274 sek, rebates for children and students).

There is even a special flight taxi (Line 712) at a heavily rebated price (adults 370 sek, children up to 18 yo 185 sek, family 740 sek). You will need to book this special flight taxi in advance, and you will need to be able to show the flight number of your connecting flight. We can make the booking for you.

A regular taxi costs around 3000 sek pp for a shared taxi and 4000 sek for a private taxi 1-4 persons. You can book a taxi from teh airport here.

Check-in / check-out week guests: Earliest check-in is around lunchtime on the first day. We can pick you up from Murjek train station from the late morning train (NOT the early morning train). Check-out is after breakfast on the last day, latest 11.00 am. If you take the night train back, we recommend that you take the bus to Luleå, spend the day there and then take the night train directly from Luleå.