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Mountain hiking in Padjelanta

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In the last days of summer (actually the first days of the autumn) I took the opportunity to make a 5 day hike in the mountains. I started in Kvikkjokk and walked to Staloluokta over Sulitjelma, about a hundred kilometers through stunning wilderness landscapes.

Part of this tour goes through Padjelanta National Park, which is part of the Laponia World Heritage. Padjelanta is Sami and means “high lands”.

Staloluokta lies in the heart of Padjelanta NP and since I had limited time, I decided to book a helicopter flight back to Kvikkjokk. Due to bad weather the flight was delayed though and I had to wait another day before the pilot picked me up. Nothing else to do then to put up my tent for one more night…Not to bad!

Note the sign at Staloluokta “airport”…