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Early winter training

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Winter season has kicked off for us at Frosty Trails with the arrival of Arne, Win, Tamara and Robert, who joined us for Early Winter Training during the first two weeks of december! It was the first time we let people… Read More »Early winter training

Vaccination time

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All the dogs got their flu shot today – the vet came by and vaccinated the dogs for kennelcough, which is basically a cold, but could put them down for a week or so. We don’t want them to get it… Read More »Vaccination time


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A lot of people ask me: “What do sleddogs do in summer?” And I usually answer them that summer is a resting time for the dogs, as they need to recover from another hard winter working season. So what do they… Read More »Summertime

A dog called Hawaii

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With some of the dogs in heat, I thought I needed one more dog for this season! Hawaii seems a strange name for a sleddog, but he runs great and he is very eager to work! He’s also very friendly… Read More »A dog called Hawaii

Sled training

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The sleds are out! Gary’s here to help me train smaller teams and we are running four teams of 5-6 dogs. I’ve prepared 30 km of training trails, consisting of three different loops that I can combine for different distances.… Read More »Sled training