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Arctic Lapland

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Starting this season, we will organize the Arctic Lapland bushcraft course in cooperation with Extra Bushcraft & Survival from The Netherlands. During an exciting week, participants will learn how to be comfortable in a meter of snow and very low temperatures. Check this link for a full description of the course!

So far, 14 people have signed up for this course! We have split them up in two groups that will come in two different weeks. There is still two available places on the first week!

I put this pictures on the blog, so that the partipants can have a little preview on where they will live for a week.

The above picture shows Kåskatsberg, a significant landmark in the area.

This picture shows the place where we will make basecamp. On the left is a small wilderness cabin, and around the corner on the right it will be a camp.

This picture shows a dogtrail that leads over Lake Kåskats. This lake is about four km long.