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First weektrip of the season!

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Last week I was out on my first dogsledding tour for this season – together with the Dobbs family from Australia!

Peter, Gemma and their kids Haydn, Jarron and Kylie are on a five week journey through Scandinavia. Gemma had her mind set on a real dogsledding adventure (mind you, no disney adventures for this family) and so they joined me on a weeklong tour through the winter forest around Kiruna.

Australian mushers Peter, Jarron, Gemma, Haydn and Kylie

The week started with a cold snap at -33, but soon the weather changed and we got lots of new snow. Tracks were heavy as they were snowed over and we experienced some overflow water on the ice. Particulary the second day was a tough one, and the last 500 meters to the Vieksa cabin finished most of us – the sleds being heavy as lead with all snow sticking on them.

The Dobbs managed well though and we had a great time! Thanks for a great first trip of the season, guys!

Right now it’s -35 and it will be colder tomorrow. Had some problems starting the cars – one battery was dead, and the other car had a failure in the motor warmer. Had to jumpstart one car to get it going and I set a heater under the hood of the other – will check later if it might start. We still need to do our shopping for Christmas dinner!

The snowmobile started quickly though with only 4-5 pulls. Great when stuff works like it should!