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More dogsledding

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Germain, English and Brazilian mushers in action

Better late then never – finally I have some time to write something about this weektrip!

Joining this forest tour were Germain mushers Thomas, Owe and Heidi, English mushers Martin and Liz and last but not least, Brazilian adventurer Rob. A very mixed bunch, which made the week all the more interesting!

Lunch after a very cold part of the trip with the wind blowing snow in our faces

We had a very nice time, driving our dogteams during the day, and at night enjoying our stay in the camps.

The camp at Salmijärvi

Unfortunately, one of the dogs got injured and we had to evacuate him at the closest road. I’m happy to tell that Igloo is doing fine again and has been running his first two trips this week!

bad visibility – luckily the lead dogs knew the way!

Many thanks to Thomas, Owe, Heidi, Martin, Liz and Rob for a great week – hope to see you on some other trip in the future!