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King’s Trail

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We had a great summer in Lapland, with temperatures between 20-25 degrees (plus!)

I took 5 days off to hike a part of the King’s Trail between Kvikkjokk and Jäckvik. This is probebly the least famous part of the King’s Trail. There are no cabins, except for one emergency shelter, and there’s only a few that hike this part.

The landscape is constantly changing on this part of the King’s Trail; Old birch forests, spruce forests, pine forests and high mountain ridges with stunning views.

Last year’s hike to Padjelanta I carried a backpack weighing over 21 kg. This year I got my weight down to 13 kg including food and fuel for 6 days (7 kg baseweight) which means I now qualify for LIGHTWEIGHT…Need to loose another 2 kg to qualify for ULTRA lightweight!